How To Build Links In The Finance Industry | Links In Tricky Niches

Finance industry companies such as accountants, lawyers, IFA’s (independent financial advisors) and brokers all have one thing in common when it comes to their digital marketing strategies… they need to find a strategy for building Links In Tricky Niches.

More and more finance-related businesses are seeing the advantages of establishing and keeping up an image online, but find it difficult to link to other sources who do not dilute their E-A-T (effectiveness, authority, trustworthiness) – the standard Google sets its search engine standards by. But with our simple to follow tips for link building in the finance industry, it’ll become a whole lot easier.

#1 – Assess your peers and competitors

You will need to check up on contacts within your field and your competition to see what they are up to and even borrow some of their strategies. They may be gaining link building success using something you might have overlooked, but remember everything from research, planning and marketing should revolve around your niche target audience.

In addition to increasing your authority, Google will reward you for appearing in locations that are relevant to the subject of your website. To put it simply, they are ideal for your specialised website. Choosing what performs best for you, though, is the challenging part.

#2 – Repair Links in your Niche

In essence, this is a low-effort link building strategy that is effective in just about any market you can imagine. It can get you some good backlinks. How it works is:

  • Look for web content that is similar to what you already write about
  • Once you have discovered some interesting pages, scan the text for any broken links.
  • An excellent resource is any link that you can change with your own.
  • Ask the webmaster through email whether you may replace the broken link with your engaging and distinctive content.

You can quickly obtain a backlink if your website has the appropriate content. If you do not have the required content, then think about creating it, as webmasters will not consider replacing the broken link if you do not have something better.

#3 – Create Quality Content for your Niche

Create content based on your niche, specifically something that is missing from other websites. But, this doesn’t mean recreating the wheel, there may be content out there that just needs rewritten and reformatted. How it works is:

  • Select a subject or keyword to concentrate on. Check out what has previously been written about it, but it must be material that already has a high Google ranking and is extensively shared.
  • Make it a point to create content that is even better after discovering excellent material that is working well.
  • Examine the content already published, making note of how it flows, and look for any ideas or components that might be lacking.
  • Work on an outline for your next manual, essay, or e-book with the aid of your notes. Add extra value and information to the content you write by including everything those high performing content pieces left out. Ensure you add links to other quality resources. 

#4 – Collect Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are an often-under-utilised strategy for link building. But conversions are easier to achieve if you have positive reviews on your side. It shows potential customers that other people have invested and been happy with the results, which in turn can make them feel more confident about doing the same. Genuine reviews don’t just increase conversion rates though – they can also enhance your reputation in the industry and help build brand awareness. However, to benefit your backlinking strategy, you need to leave their reviews on the website selling your products, mentioning your brand and products naturally. A positive review on a brand or product that also casually mentions your business and includes a link can help bring in more targeted traffic.

#5 – Join Niche Communities

The best thing about niche communities is that they provide a dependable means of connecting with a large number of contacts that work in your niche. You might even form business ties that open doors to new chances for collaboration and link building. What you must do in order to gain connections from niche communities is as follows:

  • Join well-visited forums that cater to your niche
  • Engage in discussions where you may add your knowledge and expertise
  • Save trustworthy people who are helpful in talks
  • Make certain the contacts you save have a website that caters to your niche
  • Before you even think of sending new contacts a private message, establish relationships with them by participating in their discussions and comments
  • Discuss with them growth prospects and online resources
  • In exchange for them doing the same for you, offer a link back to their website

#6 – Create Infographics

Believe it or not, people love visual content, and they love nothing more than sharing it with their audiences. Just like any other content, infographics can be pitched as links in tricky niches using the tips mentioned above. Providing complex and highly structured information in an easy-to-digest fashion can attract a lot of links.When it comes to links in tricky niches opportunities, it may initially seem difficult, but it is not entirely so. Much like targeted advertising, getting niche links is a guaranteed way to get traffic to your website while at the same time sending relevance signals to search engines, which will credit your website for showing up in the appropriate areas.

#7 Outsource!

Why? Because leveraging a link building agencies previous experience in a niche is hella helpful, especially Finance!

By outsourcing link building, finance companies can leverage the expertise of professionals who possess a deep understanding of SEO and content marketing strategies tailored to the finance industry. These specialists are adept at identifying reputable websites and crafting compelling content that naturally integrates relevant links back to the company’s website. If you were to use Niche Inbound, they offer insertions, exchanges and guest posts, along with PR!

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