Link building services for health & fitness


Landing links in the health and fitness niche for your online business can be hard, but we have a wealth of genuine health and fitness sites that can help you boost organic traffic and grow your business.

Link building for £180 per link

Relevant backlinks that grow your online business!

Link building pricing made easy


  • All links from 25 to 70 DR
  • Minimum 5 links & 30 day turnaround
  • 500 word article included
  • Account manager strategy & support
  • No duplicate links built & live tracker
  • Bulk discounts on 20+ links ordered

6 Month LINK project


700+ links lead to a 380% increase in organic traffic on average for leading health and fitness sites

Some of the largest health and fitness companies trust us to handle their monthly link building. We have a great reputation for delivering great results consistently.

Our process for health and fitness links

We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands and have made a lot of SEO, marketing and eCommerce teams happy in the process. Why? We provide a proven link building process where we get strong links quickly and maintain constant communication throughout the entire process.

Set link metrics, number of links & anchors

The health and fitness niche is one that’s growing at a rapid rate, making it competitive and hard for smaller brands to break through. With Niche Inbound, you can set your target link metrics for trust and citation flow, organic traffic, domain authority and domain rating. Once they’re set, you can inform us of your anchors and how many links you want per month – don’t know where to start? Your dedicated account manager can help you.

You approve websites and content we provide

Once you’ve decided on your metrics and anchors, we’ll give you a list of sites that suit your metrics that you can approve or reject, as well as content for guest posts. These are 100% genuine sites that won’t have featured on your backlink profile.

We outreach and get your links live!

Once the content and links have been approved, we’ll get to work landing those links by utilising our strong relationships with site owners in this sector. We work on a monthly basis, so links typically go live within two to four weeks. Once live, you’ll be able to view them in the Google sheet tracker.

Strong websites in the health and fitness niche require quality content

Here are just some of the websites we work with in the health and fitness niche. We’re proud of the high standard we set when it comes to producing content for our guest posts.

Awesome links for happy customers

We’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands, making many SEO, marketing and ecommerce managers happy. Expect a quick turnaround and constant communication, every single time.

Tomas Gvazdauskas
Tomas Gvazdauskas
Off-Site SEO Specialist, Surfshark
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Thanks to Niche Inbound, we were able to rank some of our English landing pages on the first Google search page. As it is becoming a lot harder to make an impact on the search engine, agency proved impossible is possible and helped us skyrocket. Communication with the team is flawless, and having to go from initial meetings to get the project going, took no time until the results started coming in.
Ryan Murton
Ryan Murton
Director of Organic Acquisition
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They have solved all problems we have faced with awesome media placements leading to incredible rankings. The quality and scale of the backlinks that they provide each month are of the quality we need. Link building is tough in a lot of different niches, but do not seem to have any problem with this. I would recommend to anyone in a similar industry to myself, they’re superstars!
Elsebeth Hansen
Elsebeth Hansen
Organic Acquisition Manager, LeoVegas
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This was an easy choice for us to make and one we have not regretted! With their fantastic and creative content that showcased their skill and workmanship and a vast amount of outreach possibilities and options across markets, including content syndication - we were able to connect and interact more with our potential player base and further grow our opportunities.
Oliver Dickinson
Oliver Dickinson
Senior SEO Executive
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Having worked with the team for a number of years now, we’ve been thrilled with the services they’ve provided us. They have always taken great care in order to listen to our feedback and cater to our needs on a month to month basis. Not to mention we’ve seen great results off the back of their work!
SEO Specialist, Moving Company
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Thanks to Niche Inbound’s work, one of our positions is now ranking first on Google, and the other ones have also improved significantly. I’m impressed with Niche Inbound’s general SEO knowledge. They’re also a marketing agency, so they have an excellent and impressive understanding of what people want and what results they like to see.
 Laura Stagg
Laura Stagg
Head of Marketing, Drinkstuff
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The results we have seen speak for themselves, and we have seen huge increases across the board. We have worked with them on producing content and link building to help improve our organic traffic which has seen great results.
Harman Bhamra
Harman Bhamra
Head Of Ecommerce, Express Pharmacy
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I've been impressed with the ability to understand the challenges that the business faced at the time and adjust accordingly. This has been done with excellent levels of communication, transparency. Quite simply this is how I would expect a high-level agency to work!
Owner, Web Development Company
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Niche Inbound’s transparency and honesty are excellent. When working with other SEO providers, there’s always the fear that they could potentially use black hat tactics that could penalize our site. However, we don’t worry about that with Niche Inbound, and we’re sure that the quality of their work is great. Overall, they excel at doing their job and delivering great results.

Health & fitness link FAQs

Link building is the process of acquiring hyperlinks from other websites to your own, and it’s a way to navigate between pages on your site as well as how search engines crawl the web by crawling links between pages and entire websites. But when it comes to links, quality, relevance and authenticity are key. 


Link building is critical to any SEO strategy – it plays a vital role in driving organic traffic to your site via search engines. When combined with technical SEO practices, optimised content and a great user experience, link building can be an effective way of driving more organic traffic to your website and helping to grow your business. The businesses that understand the value of link building tend to be those who achieve higher levels of success in the long-term. 


Link building in the health and fitness industry is challenging because it’s such a competitive industry. It can be hard to secure regular links in this industry, but at Niche Inbound, we’ve built up a great network of contacts with health and fitness bloggers, journalists and marketing managers which means we’re one of the industry’s go-to link acquirers.

Google’s algorithms are notoriously complicated and elusive. But one thing we can be sure of is that links have always been an important factor in how search engines determine which sites rank for which keywords. Link building is a vital component of any SEO strategy, because it sends a positive signal to Google that your site is worthy of citation. As a result, sites which have more backlinks typically earn higher search rankings. 

When it comes to link building, it’s important to remember that not all links are viewed equally. A link from a high authority website will have a much greater impact on your rankings than one from a newly built site that isn’t yet established. Your business should be focusing on earning links from sites with a high domain authority for the best results. Book a call with our team today to get started on your link building journey.

What experience does Niche Inbound have in the health and fitness niche?

We have extensive experience as health and fitness link builders. We also are proven in the CBD link building industry. We’ve worked with numerous sites of all sizes, including some of the largest and fastest-growing companies in the world, including the likes of Vitabiotics and Kayak.

Is the health and fitness niche competitive?

The wellness industry has become incredibly competitive, and the market stood at $4.37 trillion worldwide in 2020. It’s projected to grow to almost $7 trillion by 2025. With so many large businesses entering the market, it’s becoming harder and harder for smaller health and fitness companies to get noticed. But that’s where we come in – with link building and digital PR, smaller brands can stand out in this market. 

While some niches, such as sports betting or CBD, can be more expensive, health and fitness links are not. You don’t need to pay a higher fee for links in this sector, which means that your budget can go further and you can earn more links for less.

Do you write topical health and fitness content?

We do indeed. We always immerse ourselves in the industries we work in, and the health and fitness niche is no exception. Our content team writes relevant, informative and high quality health and fitness content, from guides and articles to topical content. See our content above for some examples.