How To Build Links In The CBD Industry | Links In Tricky Niches

Over the past few years, CBD has risen in popularity, and more and more companies have appeared on the market to sell CBD products – from topical treatments and supplements to bath products.

Online retail is already one of the most competitive industries and when you add in the competition of a thriving sector like CBD, it can be hard to stand out. But link building is an effective way to ensure your business grows – here are a few tips to help you build links in the CBD industry. 

The value of CBD links

A backlink profile is a collection of links found on other sites that lead back to your site, and they’re usually found embedded in blog posts or guides, and similar online content. They add authority to your website and show search engines that your content is reliable and trustworthy, which can help to positively impact your site’s rankings. 

Link building for CBD businesses offers many benefits. Firstly, they raise your site’s rankings, since backlinks are a crucial factor when assessing a site’s ranking. A higher ranking offers increased visibility for your brand, and this can, in turn, help to boost sales and customer engagement. Backlinking ultimately leads to more traffic for your site, and that can help increase conversion rates for your business, as well as enhancing your brand’s reputation. 

Challenges businesses may face

There are several complications within this industry, despite its popularity. Firstly, while CBD is typically accepted by the public, it still sits in the margins of products that are just legal, and that can make businesses wary. 

CBD businesses can have challenges when it comes to the strict regulations surrounding this subject, such as having to have their products analysed and carefully tested to adhere to certain standards and have third-party testing to avoid complications. The CBD industry is also still growing and is highly competitive, which can make it harder for small businesses and start-ups to stand out. 

How to build CBD links

So, we know the benefits of a strong backlink profile, but how do you get started acquiring those links? These tips will hopefully help you build a strong link building campaign for your business and encourage more traffic to your website. 

Report broken links

If links aren’t working, they won’t provide your users with the information they’re searching for. But instead of leaving your visitors disappointed that they can’t access the link they were looking for, contact the webmaster of the site and ask them to amend the link or replace the broken one so you get the benefits. There’s no guarantee they’ll accept, but keeping your sources relevant and in good working order is essential for your backlink profile to grow. 

Promote your content

You’ve no doubt spent a long time creating valuable content for your readers, so don’t forget to invest time in promoting it so it gets seen by the right audience. This is particularly important if the site is fresh and new, as it might not have as much organic traffic initially. The internet is awash with new content every day, so you need to be active in the promotion of your content and ensure that it’s high quality and useful to readers, so you can acquire reliable backlinks. 

Try guest blogging

Your business will achieve so much more if you take on guest blogging as part of your link building strategy. It’s a widely accepted method among websites, but particularly in this industry. 

Guest blogging means you create a blog or article for another company’s site, and it’s a win-win, because you get a link out of it and they get free, high quality content they can publish on their website. In the CBD industry, you’ll find many businesses that accept guest bloggers, so do your research and find reliable, high-ranking sites that can help you build your profile and generate leads. 

Get creative with your content

From podcasts and video to interviews, infographics and articles, content comes in a range of formats, so don’t limit yourself to just blogs. Think outside the box and create content that’s going to resonate with your audience and potential customers. 

The increased popularity of CBD and the various questions that customers might have around the products mean that businesses in this sector are primed for podcasts and interviews to quell any concerns and promote the benefits of CBD. Likewise, infographics are a great way to grab the attention of your audience, and implement backlinks at the same time. 

Gather reviews and testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are an often-under-utilised strategy for link building. But conversions are easier to achieve if you have positive reviews on your side. It shows potential customers that other people have invested and been happy with the results, which in turn can make them feel more confident about doing the same. 

Genuine reviews don’t just increase conversion rates though – they can also enhance your reputation in the industry and help build brand awareness. However, to benefit your backlinking strategy, you need to leave their reviews on the website selling your products, mentioning your brand and products naturally. A positive review on a brand or product that also casually mentions your business and includes a link can help bring in more targeted traffic. 

Get your anchor text right

The key to making sure your links are natural and are likely to get a click is with the text you use. Keywords are essential to influence the ranking of your content, and the perfect anchor text for your links is imperative for the best results. Don’t make the text for the link too long, keep each link varied and make sure you’re using commonly used keywords. Your anchor text should also fit naturally with the content and not stand out as an obviously spammy link. 

Additional ways to boost your link building

We’d be lying if we said link building – particularly for the CBD niche – was a walk in the park. Whether time isn’t on your side or you just want to leave the job in safe hands, we can help. With years of experience in landing links for CBD companies, we’ve got your back. Get in touch about outsourcing your backlinks today! Final thoughts

So much goes into launching a business and building a website, but beyond creating a visually appealing site, you also need to pay close attention to where it ranks in the search results. Backlinks are a key factor in influencing where your domain sits in organic searches, so you need to do all you can to build high quality links for your CBD business.

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