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New to link building?

Link building is the process of obtaining inbound links to your site. Also known as backlinks, inbound links are links from other websites that directly link back to your website. There are two types of links – editorial and outreached. Editorial links require the least effort, as other website owners give them editorially, and while they’re impactful, they’re harder to acquire. 

At Niche Inbound, we focus on outreach link building which is the most popular form of link building because it virtually always provides guaranteed results. Outreach link building involves reaching out to website owners and asking for a link – the chances of them agreeing are much higher if it provides value to their site in some way, such as through a valuable piece of content. With Niche Inbound link building, you can build authority through your website and generate more leads.

Links are incredibly powerful for your website, because they add credibility. Google looks for third-party indicators to your domain’s authoritative strength, so the more relevant links you have to your website, the better it will perform in the rankings. 

If you neglect link building, you’re not accounting for over half of Google’s ranking considerations. Google, and other search engines, value links highly and it’s almost impossible for search engines to rank your site if there aren’t any links to it, even if the content on your site is high quality. 

An effective link building strategy is one of the most impactful ways to attract relevant audiences from industry-leading websites, which will improve traffic from external sources. 

Focusing on building links within your industry niche, working to the guidelines that Google suggests, helps your brand to create relevant links, improve your rankings in search results and brings targeted traffic to your website.

Google’s algorithm checks the type of content and links your site is associated with, and this is particularly true of more complex niches. Link building in the UK from authoritative sites that are connected to your niche is so valuable, as it helps prove to Google that you’re a trustworthy, reliable resource within your sector. This, in turn, helps to improve your chances of ranking well.

We recommend getting up to speed on the types of links you can build and the technical aspects of how links work. It will give you a strong foundation to assess the quality of links and which ones will be most valuable for your business.

Editorial links are sometimes referred to as digital PR and are mostly created online without someone having to ask for them. For big brands, this process is easy because they have authority. These links tend to be long-lasting and remain valuable long after the link is placed. To acquire this type of link, you need something worthy of linking to, that will garner attention from your audience, and it needs to be promoted in the right way. 

Guest posts or blog-generated links are also known as general link building. It is a lot easier to gain links for harder niches using this technique. If you’re looking for links for casino sites or CBD links, this could be your solution. Guest posts are articles written and posted on someone else’s site, rather than your own. They’re an effective way of marketing your brand and reaching a broader audience, as well as occupying branded search query results and, of course, embedding backlinks.

About our link building process

We’re proud to say that our agency can deliver links for our clients quickly, for several reasons. We’ve built up strong relationships over the years with bloggers, journalists and webmasters, so we’re able to provide a quick turnaround. Virtually all of our clients are on monthly link retainers with us, which requires us to get links live within 30 days, from start to finish. Assuming you’re able to approve the links within a couple of days, we can get them live within 30 days.

There’s technically no limit to the number of links you can order but bear in mind that you need to maintain your site’s health for the best results. A large increase of links in a short space of time can cause Google to think these links are spam, and your site could be penalised. We recommend a strong and steady approach to link building, slowly building them up over time to increase traffic and improve rankings.

Yes, you can. Sometimes you may have more than one site you want to build links to, so we can accommodate this and create link building campaigns for as many sites as you wish. 

Our process of building links is simple – you tell us the metrics you want to set on your first order of links, along with how many links you’re looking for. We’ll ask you if there is a specific anchor you want to target or if you need help forming an anchor plan, and then we’ll show you a list of potential sites for you to approve or reject. When you’re happy with the sites, you can also approve potential content topics if you’d like to. We’ll then create the content and send it over to you for approva. When you’re happy with it, our outreach team will contact the site to get the links live. All this takes place within 30 days.

Link pricing depends on two factors:

  • The niche or industry you’re trying to land links in. Some industries require higher fees or have stricter content guidelines. Some examples of these types of niches include CBD, gambling and betting – these industries might cost £300 per link, while other industries might start from £120 per link. 
  • The strength of the site and the website guidelines. If there are strict content guidelines or the site requires additional fees, this will command a higher price of £300. However, we will always run these sites by you first, so you have the option of whether you want to be given these types of sites before we begin. If you would like to go ahead with these sites, they’ll be featured on your approval sheet. You may want to try using your retainer one month to get less links that cost more, to see whether it’s something you want to do regularly. 

Every link price includes a relevant 500-word article, account management support, a live link tracker and your chosen metrics. Find out more about our premium link building services here. 

There are some essential steps to take before diving into link building, if you want to maximise success. Here are our tips to help you see the most impact from your links:


  • Make sure your site is in good shape from a technical perspective. A technical SEO audit can usually uncover any issues that might prevent it from ranking well. 
  • Use a ranking tracker – we can do this for you, for an additional fee, but it’s important to have a good understanding of your rankings before link building. 
  • Onsite elements should be optimised. Google’s algorithm takes many factors into account, and onsite elements play a vital role. Make sure your site has optimised content to rank well. 
  • A healthy backlink profile, which is an overview of your site’s health with regards to backlinks. Before link building, make sure there are no spammy links, that there’s a good mix of do-follow and no-follow links, and that there’s a natural progression of referring domains.

About the links we build

Our process works for any industry and throughout our many years building links, we have built a strong network of contacts to enable us to land links in a range of sectors. We offer link building for casinos, links for travel sites, sports, business links and much more.  While we don’t specialise in any one specific area, we make the daunting task of building links easy – contact us today to find out how we can help you grow your business.

Yes, we’re more than happy to show you which sites your links will be featured on before they go live. We use Google sheets to make communication easy and up to date, so at the end of every month, you’ll receive a list of sites to approve or reject. We’ll do the research to make sure they’re all within your metric benchmarks, so all you have to do is let us know if you’re happy to progress. Any sites you reject will go into your blacklist and will be replaced as soon as possible. 

Businesses want to see results as quickly as possible, but the reality is that a new link won’t affect your rankings immediately. It can be hard to tie a single link to SERP ranking increases, as there will often be other links and on-page changes made to an individual page between acquiring that first link and seeing an improvement in your ranking position. 

While research has been done to determine the length of time from getting a link to seeing changes, it’s dependent on several factors, including the strength of the link, the quality of your site and the latest Google algorithm changes.

Yes, of course. When you’re setting the metrics for your links, we’ll ask you if you have any specific anchors or if you’d like us to assist you in creating an anchor plan. You can have as much control over the anchor text as you’d like. 

When it comes to Niche Inbound’s link building services, yes – all the links we build for you will be do-follow. Building editorial or PR links can be trickier, as there may be some cases where links are not do-follow. This is often because the editorial publication doesn’t offer do-follow links. But digital PR links can offer other benefits, such as building brand awareness and referral traffic to positively impact your site.

One of the first questions we’ll ask when you get started is what, if any, specific metric requirements you have. That may be building domain authority or rating, reaching a traffic target or something else entirely. Let us know, and we’ll make it happen. 

In most cases, placements will last indefinitely – most of the links we place will be around for many years. It’s to be expected, however, that over time you’ll experience a certain level of loss which is simply the nature of link building. For example, some bloggers may choose to switch focus on their site or close the site down. While it’s rare, if you spot that a link has gone missing, let us know and we’ll work on getting it live once again. 

In the majority of cases, the links we build won’t be marked as a sponsored post, but there is the occasional site that will. When this occurs, we’ll inform you when you approve the sites, so you’ll have control over whether the link is on the site or not. 

About our content

Who writes the content?

We write the content. We have a team of content writers who specialise in different niches, so we can provide our clients with content that’s written to incredibly high standards, is accurate and factual, and has a high level of readability for audiences.

Can I set requirements for the content?

You can – all you need to do is send us your style guides and the specific topics you’d like us to work on, and we’ll make it happen. However, please note that if you require articles longer than 500 words, this will cost extra.

What will the content be about?

The content we create will always be relevant to your niche and the site you’re getting a link on, providing a natural fit for the link. See our specific niche pages for examples of the content we produce.

We understand you want to ensure the content is up to the right standards, so we include content approvals in our process. You can view and edit the content as necessary or ask us to revise the content and make amendments. Once you’ve approved the content, we’ll continue with the link building process to get your link live. Some of our clients aren’t concerned with checking the content, so if you’d like to see proof of what we’ve produced in the first month and then let us continue with the process after that, we’re happy to work that way too. Feel free to speak to our team today to discuss any requirements you have.

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