Terms & Conditions

Niche Inbound provides link building services as per stated on the website. Unless discussed and agreed otherwise, all fees must be paid before the campaign begins.

Niche Inbound Services

Services at Niche Inbound include (but are not limited to):

  • Acquiring links on other websites that direct back to your own
  • Creating engaging content to assist with link building efforts
  • Performing comprehensive technical SEO audits
  • Analysing your backlink profile
  • Researching competitor activity
  • Client Acknowledgement

When working with Niche Inbound, all clients must acknowledge the following:

  • All information shared including fees, documents and services, are to remain confidential.
  • All links will remain live forever unless search engine policies change. If policies change, the site may have to remove your link in conjunction with types of content they can no longer accept. This is a matter that lies in the sole discretion of the host site or search engine.
  • Niche Inbound has no control over website owners that remove links, whether it be due to site deletion or migration. These links cannot be replaced or refunded.
  • Niche Inbound is not responsible for any damage caused, including loss of profits or claims. Whether associated with Niche Inbound services or not, the client assumes all risks and potential damage.
  • Furthermore, Niche Inbound is not responsible for changes made by other parties that impact the website that your links are placed on.
  • When applicable, Niche Inbound has the right to make changes to anchor text based on assumption that it will benefit the campaign.
    Niche Inbound does not have control over how search engines work. We cannot guarantee traffic increases, nor cannot guarantee an increase in search engine positions.
  • Niche Inbound is strongly against “link farms” and other unethical link harbouring websites. Niche Inbound does not take responsibility if you choose to interact with these sites.

Non Disclosure

All clients are automatically treated with full confidentiality. We will not disclose any confidential information to third parties, except for your employees and professional advisors that have a part to play in your campaign.

Niche Inbound will not use your information for anything other than the service and purpose discussed.

We do not tend to sign individual NDA’s for every client, but with the above information in mind, rest assured that you will receive a full Non Disclosure experience.


Niche Inbound has the right to reject or cancel orders in illegal – or offensive – industries. This includes hateful content aimed at any group, attacks on other businesses or organisations, and cruelty towards animals. If you are concerned that your industry violates our limitations, please get in touch to discuss further.

Lastly, before signing contracts, all parties must agree that the courts of England and Wales can:

  1. Determine disputes
  2. Grant interim remedies
  3. Grant protective relief

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