How To Build Links In The Health Industry | Links In Tricky Niches

Before you start to plan a link building strategy for your health business, it’s important to understand what Google wants from your site and why links are a vital Google ranking factor. 

An effective link-building strategy is about trust and popularity, but in a niche industry such as health and healthcare, trust is THE number one element to consider, as domain trust/authority represents 30% of Google’s ranking algorithm.

To establish trust between your health business and your potential clients, you have to ensure your product or service is seen as being professional and established, and any sources you link to must have the same integrity. So, before you start building a website link to your web page, ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the content well-organised?
  • Does it provide useful and factual information?
  • Is it easy to navigate?

With all of that in mind, here are some techniques to help you gain quality backlinks…

Keep an eye on your competition

There are proper and improper approaches to this. The majority of people begin competitor analysis as they should. They receive a list of 50 to 100 URLs that are in the top 10 for keywords they share.

The following stage is to utilise a link-checking tool, which is also the correct way to go, but also where they start to take the wrong path. They merely check the backlink profile for that particular URL to see if they can obtain those precise links. Avoid this!

Instead, you should make a comprehensive list of pertinent “how to” articles in your area and get in touch with them to request links. Instead of one link prospect, you now have hundreds, but keep going.

For even additional inspiration, visit other pages that are linked from those first sites. Good SEOs only use tools as beginning points and then use creativity from there because you can’t get everything from them.

Don’t Overlook Manually Built Links

Being in a “tricky niche” such as the healthcare industry or a health business actually has its benefits! It’s likely that the top-ranking pages for the keywords you want to rank for don’t have many links coming from other websites. Getting a few links, even relatively low-quality ones, can still go a long way towards ranking – However it obviously goes without saying that you should make them as high quality as you can.

Click With Complementary Partners within your Niche

Every “tricky” niche shares things in common with “easy” niches. Partner with other related businesses within the healthcare industry and take a business that provides therapies, health tech services, holistic medicine or professionals such as chiropractors and physios, even personal trainers and dieticians, because they should understand that they are also struggling to build links for their own sites.

Find methods to collaborate with those companies since you aren’t bidding for the same tasks. You can exchange links from other pages on your websites and suggestions, both of which can increase your revenue. These tactics work in every niche, no matter how hard or tricky it is.

Provide Value in Your Content For Others

Everyone is happy to have something that works for them, that takes them no effort, so here are some methods to make sure your content is beneficial:

  • Create headlines that are more clickable, precise, and benefit-driven
  • Post data points in the article
  • Write an article with at least 2000 words in it, as Google rankings are influenced by blog post length
  • Instead of merely words with an external link, support your ideas with charts, screenshots, and high-quality photos
  • Include scientific research studies and experiments but stay away from personal opinions
  • To provide more value, link to authoritative blogs with related content
  • Pose sensitive questions
  • Mention savvy users, professionals, and well-known bloggers

Lastly, make a call to action (you could include a checklist related to your topic). You’ll be able to create more thorough, practical, and data-driven blog entries that can withstand the test of time if you adhere to this tried and tested process.

Be Grateful

When you include authors and website owners in your post, send them thank-you emails. If you send a thank you note, they might be more inclined to give you a backlink.

Gain Trust With Testimonials and Reviews

One technique that is frequently underutilised for link building is reviews and testimonials. However, if you have favourable evaluations on your side, conversions will be simpler to acquire. Potential customers may feel more secure about making the same investment after seeing that others have done so and are pleased with the results.

Genuine reviews, however, can do more than just boost conversion rates. They can also help you improve your brand recognition and reputation in the market. To improve your backlinking approach, you must post their reviews on the website that sells your goods while naturally referencing your company and goods. More focused traffic can be attracted with the aid of an unbiased review of a company or product that also mentions your company in passing and contains a link.

Ask the Experts

These days, you need to come at your website from all angles if you want to create a successful and scalable backlink strategy for your health business. Consider factors like good content, simple site navigation, powerful CTAs, etc. By taking a holistic (see what we did there!?) approach to improving your website and marketing strategies, you are more likely to earn backlinks from authoritative sources, which, in turn, can improve your SEO and your Google rankings.

So much goes into launching a health business and building a website, but beyond creating a visually appealing site, you also need to pay close attention to where it ranks in the search results. Backlinks are a key factor in influencing where your domain sits in organic searches, so you need to do all you can to build high-quality links for your health business.

If you want help creating a backlink portfolio or assistance with outsourcing your link building or white label and management in general, reach out for a consultation. We’re here to help!

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