How Much Does Link Building Cost In 2024?

Navigating a search engine used to be quite tricky. You had to figure out the right combination of terms to search, making it all too easy to come up with results that were totally irrelevant. This is one of the many reasons why website owners use backlinks to tell Google what to rank for.

At the end of the day, you really do need reliable backlinks to assert your place on Google. To assist, we have broken down that burning question – “How much does link building cost in 2024?”…

Building Links Can Be a Challenge

Over time, link building has undergone significant modification. It’s more difficult now than it’s ever been.

For any given query, Google aims to provide the most relevant results to its consumers. In the past, black hat SEOs abused the algorithms by employing a variety of spammy link-building strategies, elevating low-quality websites to the top. Over time, Google has modified its algorithms to stop this kind of spam because a few bad apples can destroy things for the rest of us. As a result, link building has gotten harder and harder.

In order to proactively obtain backlinks from pertinent, reputable websites, it’s important to engage in active outreach. This takes a lot of time and effort, particularly when building relationships with appealing sites. Investing money into someone with the skill to get the job done won’t always come cheap.

Content Creation

What is “great” content? It is content that actually benefits your readers. The bloggers, journalists, and other people we approach for backlinks, guest posting, and promotion aren’t very interested in mediocre, derivative content. They want to link to a resource that will actually benefit their audience too. That means going above and beyond.

High-quality content requires more planning, research, and development time, as you can undoubtedly understand. Copywriting and content creation are tasks that some digital marketing companies do hire full-time employees to do. However, it’s more common to outsource to professional writers and the best professional writers aren’t cheap. But quality never is – it is however worth it – spending more money on content that is informative and insightful will definitely have the right impact on your link building strategy


In the past, there were several unique methods for obtaining trustworthy backlinks. For example, putting up links to your content on social bookmarking sites used to be a very valid SEO strategy, but through Penguin and other algorithm updates over the years, Google has successfully put a stop to tactics that were once highly effective. This has made link-building a lot more challenging than it was back in the 2010’s.

Today, it’s all about outreach. Reaching out to bloggers, journalists, and others who might genuinely be interested in linking to your content, or in letting you put up sponsored content on their site. Ideally these are links to high-authority websites that are relevant to your industry. Similar to website authority and trustworthiness, relevance is crucial.

To obtain a link from these publications’ websites, someone must contact the journalists or bloggers that write for them, and that person must be paid, so there is another link building cost. These employees are paid relatively decent salaries, and it’s far from being a minimum-wage job. As a result, these individuals make a considerable contribution to an agency’s overhead expenses.

Paid Features

It costs money to publish sponsored material in an online magazine, in addition to the expense of the content itself and the outreach that helped you contact them. In addition, paying bloggers to publish your guest article on their website is rather common. Remember that the post itself must be valuable, informative, and useful to the site’s intended audience.

Since they value the reputation of their site, they won’t accept submissions that are subpar or poorly written. Any publication, whether it’s a well-known magazine or a popular blog a person runs in their own time, will have criteria for quality. As a result, becoming featured in a publication comes with a cost that must be added to the link-building budget.

The ROI is worth it!

The price that digital marketing organisations charge for link-building services is influenced by a number of costs. As a result, it is impossible to find high-quality SEO services at lower prices. The return on your investment, however, makes it well worthwhile for many businesses.

To keep things simple, we’re very open and transparent about our prices for link building. This ensures that you’ll never encounter any hidden costs or budgeting concerns. Get in touch for more information.

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